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  • No appraisal required – But LTV is based on the value the last time the FHA loan was done.
  • No Fico scores needed. We just need a Mortgage only credit report no fico scores
  • One 30 day late on the mortgage to be refinanced is allowed in the last 12 months, however , loan must be without late payments in the last 6 months
  • You can only finance 30 days of interest and the Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium can also be financed) – All other fees must be covered with rebate from the interest rate chosen
  • No income or employment information needed. Assets only needed IF they’re needed to close the loan

FHA Streamline Refinance Rates continue to drop. The FHA Streamline is a Government sponsored refinance program that allows FHA borrowers to refinance with no appraisal, no income, and no out of pocket expense. There has never been a better time to FHA Streamline Refinance your Home and save money. If you have an FHA Loan, the time to streamline is now!

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